You look incredible on paper. You’re soulful, spiritual and hella successful by most standards. But yet you’ve got a niggling feeling in the pit of your tummy; a crushing fear at the core of your soul that you’re not (quite) living up to your full potential.

Okay, and if you’re being totally honest? Most days you feel like a fraud. An impostor. And like you’re living a double life you can’t escape from (no matter how many delicious glasses of pinot you suck down).

Maybe you hide your fun, bubbly personality (or weird obsessions, or quirky sense of humor) when you meet new clients because you’re scared they’ll dismiss you, call you ditzy or worse – not like you.

Maybe you feel like you’re fooling everyone around you with your success because they don’t know the TRUE you – even though you’ve fought like hell to get where you are.
Maybe you’ve been “playing a part” so long you don’t even remember or know what you truly want and desire in your life (and that pains you more than you can even express).
And maybe you’ve tried desperately to figure out “what’s wrong with you” but have slightly started to panic (or even give up) because the traditional self-help and spiritual stuff isn’t working.




Either way: Feeling fake in so many of your interactions is stressing. you. the. eff. out. 

And that’s where I come in. As a life coach, spiritual mentor, and intuitive, my specialty is helping you become ALL of you – by illuminating the dark places (read: limiting beliefs, mindset blocks, etc.) within yourself and loving your soul wounds, through forgiveness and all the smiles or tears it takes to get there.

See, that’s the thing: Right now, you’re prisoner to your own beliefs and you know it – but the real problem is you don’t know what those beliefs are or how to actually change them.

Luckily, I’m a pro at drilling big, overwhelming issues down to their root causes and beliefs and helping you shift gracefully from searing self-doubt to delicious self acceptance – the kind that’s permanent, lasting and met with a fat sigh of relief.

#Realtalk: You already ARE who you truly want to be – and it’s time to stop wasting your precious time (and energy) pretending to be somebody else.  By learning to embrace your own witchy intuition, this becomes that. much. easier.

Here are three transformative ways to work with me:

Please note:  All offerings include an Intuitive Hits reading, where prior to our first session I channel your energy so that I can literally feel some or all of the following:  how your inner witch shows up, where you feel you are kicking ass, where you have blocks, where you’re scared, where you struggle, what you love love love, what your mission/calling/purpose is for your life and business, and so much more.  This is invaluable information to help you on your journey so that you can run your business and live your life unapologetically.

Spark Your Life + Business

You. Me. 90 hot minutes to dig into 1-2 areas in life or business. We’ll forge straight into your dark places and shine a light to begin to love and transform ‘em in record time. You’ll come out the other side with practical exercises and steps to shift your mindset and actions.

Other side effects might include: Tears of relief (or joy). Hearty laughs. Oh and, you know, a totally-transformed way of doing life and buisness.

:: One 90-minute Spark Intensive to dive deep and do the work
:: Spark Action Plan
:: 15 minute follow up call/quickie check-in for an extra support boost when you need it

$347 USD

Dancing with Your Darkness: Soul-fueled Clarity

Toss on your favorite party dress, gorgeous, because we’re about to get busy dancing with your darkness.

During this one-on-one coaching experience, I’ll lead you through the steps it takes to lavish your soul wounds with love and light – and embrace them as part of you and your journey. You’ll get clearer on your true mission, voice and purpose on this planet. And you’ll shimmy away feeling comfortable living a life where you embrace your whole self.

And, of course, we’ll explore your intuition so that you know when you’re on-course and off, staying true to yourself or living for someone else.

If you’re ready to dive deep and do the mindset work necessary so that your true inner self shines in the outer world, this is for you.
:: 3 months of highly-transformative one-on-one spiritual and mindset coaching
:: Unlimited email support so you feel fully seen, heard and validated every step of the way
:: Personalized (surprise) gifts, treats and resources along the journey

$1500 each month -or- $4000 paid in full (savings: $500)

*All prices in USD

Soul Alchemy Mentorship

Question: How do you want to feel and what do you want to believe? In your heart, your body, your business? When you wake up in the morning, when you speak your peace, when you go after what you want?

Soul Alchemy: A Spiritual Mentorship is a poetic and practical coaching experience for the serious, committed entrepreneur who’s tired of feeling not-so-hot and out of alignment and is ready to feel incredible on a soul-level.

Through an incredible exploration of the self will help you discover what you truly desire in life, including your calling and how to show up unapologetically 100% of the time, and how to use your intuition like an inner compass to guide you gracefully through the twists and turns of life. You’ll also learn how to run your business and live your life unapologetically – so you can get the important stuff done, without sacrificing feeling good and embracing your inner witch.

When the time is right, on your terms, we will dive into the study of magick + mindset and how, no matter your spiritual beliefs, you can infuse your days with the magick that speaks from your soul and is guided by your own intuition.

At the end of our 6 months together, you’ll have worked through most, if not all, of your mindset blocks, self-limiting beliefs, and soul wounds (with me by your side as your champion, confidant and cheerleader) and created a new solid belief system where feeling GOOD trumps all, always.


:: 6 months 1:1 work with me – including, one 90-minute foundation session, that equates to 4 coaching calls each month

:: Unlimited email support

:: Soul Alchemy assignments that condense great books down to their essentials to help you on your spiritual journey

:: Reading materials specific to your journey
:: Special goodies to keep you motivated

$2000 the first month, $1000 each for the remaining months

-or- $6000 paid in full (savings:  $1000) *

*All prices in USD

Complimentary Intuitive Alignment Session

Not sure which program meets your needs?  No problem!  Book in a Complimentary Intuitive Alignment Session and we’ll figure it out together!