I’m so grateful for my coaching series with you – it turned my whole life around and lifted me into a new reality – a reality where I know I’m pretty rad and where I’m making things happen.

I came out of every session with you beaming from ear to ear and high on the possibilities that lay before me. Your grounded guidance and left-field insights helped my ‘some-day’ goals start to actually happen. Half-way through our series, I paused and looked back in complete awe at how much my thinking and confidence and life had transformed already in our time together. I’d tell anybody interested in working with you that they better be ready for a new reality because you will be helping them fast-track to their dreams. Plus as a bonus, working with you was so much fun that I hardly noticed the intense transformation taking place.

The biggest change I noticed in myself since coaching with you has been the development of my super powerful self-belief. It’s incredible – I no longer have this self-sabotaging voice in my head that holds me back and wastes my time worrying about everything; instead I have a calm inner knowing and I just set off and do things without waiting for permission! Since coaching with you I’ve started my new career on the side instead of waiting for the perfect moment and seamless transition; I’m going for it and already the pieces are starting to fall into place. I’ve overcome my shyness and connected to an invaluable group of like-minded people (some new friends and future collaborators), and in all I’m just generally loving being me, my life rocks! This is such a stark change from the exhausted, big-ideas-no-bang place I was stuck in before. I had read all the books and advice but coaching with you really started my fire. And the best part about all this is I know it’s just the beginning, because the transformation that happened with you set the foundations for my whole future of big, bold living.

 – Victoria Bauman, Life Coach|Speaker|Writer at Victoria Bauman

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful ‘intuitive hit’ session Hilda.  You have an amazing gift!  I was absolutely blown away by everything you said and you were so accurate.  It’s amazing how you were able to come up with such an insightful and true reflection on what is going on in my life right now.  It’s like you were able to read my mind!  I felt really comfortable opening up to you and I trust you completely.  I left the session with a huge smile on my face and it gave me so much peace knowing that I am on the right path and that you could validate what I was thinking and feeling!”

Michelle Puccio

“Hilda, who I’m just so proud to be working with, because she’s a firecracker of truth, her thing is never straying from the truth and always an ability to connect to another’s hidden story and back it up with warrior-esque support.”


“I loved working with Hilda.  She truly is connected to her intuitve power so my session with her felt like I was talking with my Higher Self.  She is fun, funny, clear and compassionate–traits necessary for any good coach.  I would recommend her wholeheartedly!”

Emily Shaules

“I am so grateful for Hilda’s gifts!  She helped me to get clarity on my business like no other.  I felt stuck for a long time and just with one session I was able to get unstuck and have the energy to keep going on my journey!

I highly recommend to work with Hilda, she is such a powerful coach and will tap right into your soul!”

Tatiana Queen

“You have a gift the world needs – to see and feel the words that aren’t included in a questionnaire is very powerful.

To be able to replay it back to your client in a thoughtful, compassionate, and loving way is your edge.

Please embrace this side of yourself, be brave with your gifts and don’t take on board anyone else’s negativity.  You rock!”

Melanie Van Kuyk

“I just wanted to share an awesome coaching session that I had with Hilda!  I just wrote four pages down after relistening to the session!! Hilda’s sense of intuition is amazing.  SHe helped me tune into some things that I really needed to move forward with.  She is full of brilliant ideas and gave me a different perspective on how to approach things…I came away with so much motivation and inspiration!  It’s exactly what I needed to help me move forward with my business and life goals.

Her energy is magical!”

Kimara R. H.

“I am so used to readers who just use simply basic intuition to read a situation.  Hilda really connects to your higher self to find the answers.

It is quite a unique and beautiful experience that will leave you nonplussed and empowered.  She blew my mind.

It is such a unique experience…I recommend contacting her for a reading.”

Chrishauna D.

“It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to talk with Hilda… She instantly made me feel at ease and gave the the confidence and the time to talk about everything and anything. I always find it hard to share my thoughts and feelings but with Hilda it was easy and while I was talking to her I felt a great deal of comfort and relief.

It’s hard when you’ve been dealing with things yourself for so long to change your thinking or behaviour. However I felt Hilda gave me realistic and useable tools that I have been able to easily implement into my day to day life.

I loved having the opportunity to have Hilda help me and move forward and if anyone is feeling stuck in a spiral of sadness or a spiral of anything Hilda would be the perfect person to help you stop spinning.”




I had an amazing breakthrough session with Hilda. She helped me identify and release
energetic blocks that I’d been carrying around unknowingly for years.

I was feeling restless and knew that I needed to dance seductively with my shadows, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what they were. A few questions later and Hilda had uncovered my inner wounds and helped me set myself free from them. I’m truly grateful to her because I immediately felt lighter and my energy was back to normal after our talk. She is a beautiful soul and she truly shows compassion and deep understanding while working with you.

– Amber Leitz, Sensual Embodiment Coach at Amber Leitz