Living an exhausting double life – moving through your days behind the guise of a carefully constructed public persona, literally feeling the light inside you dimming with each passing day and thinking stuff like: “OMG, I can’t say that to him,”  “I shouldn’t wear that if he’s going to be there,” “I can’t possibly go up to her.”



A go-get-em gal at the top of your game who feels the desire (and pressure) to “look the part” (read: shiny, smiley, happy) – with half-assed smiles, forced “Thank you’s” and your real opinions neatly folded away.



The real you. The one with the quirks, bumps, lumps and flaws. The one curled up in her cableknit sweater with mascara dripping down her face, the one who geeks out over reality TV and the one who rarely makes an appearance – unless it’s between love-laced kisses from your significant other or over flowing cocktails with your oldest and dearest friends.



Trying SO hard to change. Chanting mantras, cross-legged on your meditation cushion. (Almost) religiously reciting affirmations. Sleeping with all the “right” crystals beneath your pillow.  Devouring more self-help books than is probably considered healthy. And of course, journaling until your fingers feel like they just might break off.




You wonder when – and if – you’ll ever feel like you can be all of you, every day, in every situation.

And your biggest fear is that you never fucking will.



Call it imposter syndrome. Call it a mindset block. Call it (one helluva) limiting belief.


Oy, with the poodles already! (And yes, that was totally a Gilmore Girls reference. I’m a bit obsessed.)



intuitive advisor + mindset coach for women entrepreneurs

and I’ve got one thing to say:

Learning to be wholly, fully, beautifully YOU is the most deliciously liberating thing you’ll EVER do…but it sure as hell aint easy.

That’s where I show up – in all my red-headed, playful and slightly irreverent glory.



Here’s the dealio: It sucks watching talented, ambitious and successful women stifle themselves, pretend to be people they aren’t, hide behind a polished veneer and suffer for years trying to figure out what makes them behave that way, against their better knowledge.

As somebody who’s always lived “life with balls” (so I’ve been told), I was blessed with the innate power to be unabashedly, wholly, gloriously me no matter where I am. I’ve never been the girl intimidated by things – celebrities, hot guys, the most “powerful person” in the room. I live my (one) life knowing that that EVERYONE is on equal footing –no matter the arbitrary status symbols society conveys onto us.

And honestly, this take-me-or-leave-me approach to life (and business!) has served me well. It’s my refusal to be anybody but myself that’s helped me survive tragedy, flow with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and make whole-hearted connections with people from all kinds of “positions” around the world.

And basically, gorg: I want the same for you.

That’s why my work today is specifically with self-aware and intelligent entrepreneurs like you who want to step into and own who you are – wholly, wildly, unapologetically – in every situation and around every person you meet, no matter what – but have no fucking clue how to do that.

My method is simple – I teach you not to hide or shy away from your bumpy and beautiful self – but rather how to dance with your darkness, shine a light on your dark bits and learn to love the lumps that make you lovely – so you can finally start showing up authentically as YOU.

And when you do that? We can use your soul wounds to discover your true mission so you can run your business and life, unapologetically.

Love your soul wounds and your need to lead a double life just kinda…disappears.

Which means?

No more putting on a front for clients.

No more faking it when you have to meet new people.

And no more hating yourself for doing it all…ever. effin’. again. Instead, you get to start living a life you LOVE – one where every day you get to take center stage in all your perfectly imperfect glory and belt out, “Take it or leave it, bitches!” 🙂


Soooo, who am I exactly?

Here are a few things you should know about me right off the rip:

// I’m a Beautiful You Certified Life Coach. Through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, I have learned an amazing coaching modality that focuses on helping clients feel good. Basically? If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. As a mindset coach, I can help you uncover your limiting beliefs and mindset blocks, work through them, and figure out what helps you feel good, so you can learn how to make your own feel-good decisions to guide your life.

//  I’m a natural intuitive. This means I have a keen ability to put together the pieces of the puzzle of your soul in a way that illuminates things you haven’t seen before. Basically, I can pick up on both the things you are saying – and the things you aren’t (or can’t).

// I’m loving but honest. I don’t sugar coat things, but I’m not an asshole, either. And my clients respect (and love) that about me.

//  I’ve had my own share of struggles. I’m capable of holding space for your pain, because I’ve known my own – from poverty to assault to agonizing loss. Trust me: I get it.

// If I were a cocktail, I’d be Bailey’s in a Latte.  Cause I’m sweet but with an edge and will both jolt you awake and put you in a beautiful dream-like state all at once because I’m so magical and delicious. (And yes, I deem this fact very important. 😉 )


Hilda Bryan is a life and business coach who teaches savvy-but-struggling women entrepreneurs who feel like they’re living a double life (read: can’t bring all of who they are to the table) how to take off that annoying mask and start running their lives and businesses, unapologetically.  Underlying everything is the firm belief that through a strong spiritual life and foundation, you can mold your life into the perfect creation for YOU.

A playful (sometimes) red-head with both spunk and soul, HIlda’s a firm believer that nobody should have to “fake” their way through life or business. Her signature coaching process teaches clients how to dance with their darkness, love their soul wounds and discover their true mission –oh, and take off the mask, for good.

A lifelong learner, Hilda is a Beautiful You Certified Coach, natural intuitive, and holds a B.A. and M.A. in Geography (two endeavors she credits with gifting her the beautiful knowledge that everything is interconnected – a major philosophy in her coaching).

When she’s not holding space for her incredible clients, you might spot Hilda soaking up a yummy fiction book, scribbling in a journal, taking a good-old fashioned stroll through nature and/or daydreaming about how awesome life would be if Meryl Streep and Nathan Fillion actually were her parents.