On this episode of Life Unapologetically podcast episode, I interview Ash Ambirge of House of Moxie Inc and The Middle Finger Project.  We discuss so many aspects of living life unapologetically, including:

  1. A glimpse into Ash’s journey from corporate job to entrepreneur
  2. The 3 guidelines Ashe suggest when considering the use (or not) of unconventional language in business ventures
  3. What entrepreneur’s struggle with MORE than the business itself
  4. What living life unapologetically means to Ash
  5. Her #1 piece of advice for newbie AND established entrepreneurs

And so much more.

You can learn more about Ash Ambirge at House of Moxie, Inc and The Middle Finger Project

Learn more about me at Life Unapologetically

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Image:  Courtesy of Ash Ambirge