How do I just be ME?

I work with women specifically to remove masks and show up unapologetically as their whole selves, not just some version other people think they should be—ultimately who THEY THEMSELVES think they should be in order to please others.

The top of mind question for many people when they see me doing my thing (you know, just being me but obvi not giving a fuck if you like me or not) is HOW DO YOU DO IT?

The elusive how

I think today’s Notes from the Universe is so appropriate because many people are concerned with the HOW? HOW DO I DO THIS? How do I take off this damn mask and show up unapologetically?

Here’s what today’s Note says: However do you do it? You know, talk, and make such sense?  Walk, and not fall down? Ask, and then know the answer? Aim, and then deliver? Show up on time? Always get by? Make just enough? How on earth?! You don’t know how, do you? You haven’t got a clue. And that’s exactly how you do it.  You leave the “hows” to Me, as you simply focus upon and move towards the end results.”

Here’s my truth:  I trusted in who I was, but I didn’t trust OTHERS to love who I was, so I hid myself away.  Only as I returned to my spiritual core and did mindset work (though at the time I had no clue it was mindset work…it was me journaling away) was I able to throw off the mask and just be ME.

Where are you already showing up unapologetically?

Lucky me (and you because I know this holds true for you in one area of your life), I was already accustomed to people not liking what I had to say around feminism and living in a patriarchal society (growing up with three brothers teaches you “anything you can do I can do better” for sure!), so I simply applied those ovaries of steel to the rest of my life.

Does that mean it was easy? NO.

Does that mean I didn’t cry when by myself? NO.

It does mean that I turned to God and asked, “I know this is FOR me, but fuck it sucks.  I need the strength to go on” and I received it.  It also means that I continued to journal, ask myself questions and answer them.

The HOW? The getting to the endpoint I had in mind—showing up as myself no holds bar—I had no real fucking clue.  There was no plan.  I did the soul work and I did the mindset work.  I read the books, I talked to people who were already showing up unapologetically.  I acted AS IF even when I didn’t feel like it (because people can be real mean when you don’t act like they want you, too).  Everything else? God cleared the way.

Ultimately, I asked myself when faced with whether or not to be my unapologetic self:  Does this feel good for me? Do I want it?  What does my intuition tell me?

#hardtruth: Be unapologetic with yourself first

Yes, you need to work through how you will deal with people and grieve them if they ultimately don’t accept who you are UNAPOLOGETICALLY (because these people are the EXCUSE we use NOT to be ourselves #hardtruth), but right now you need to focus on your own soul work and mindset work.

If you do nothing else, stop with the excuses and be unapologetic with YOURSELF:  you choose to put that mask on everyday and ultimately you also know within you how to take that mask off.


The Modern Mystic + Mindset Coach for the woman who wants to break her inner glass ceiling, BURN THE BOX and CARVE out her own fucking path, unapologetically 🔮

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