At least once a day I’ll talk about forgiveness lessons. On my page. In a conversation. On a comment thread. My book. My course. My coaching.

It’s essential.

So, knowing what I mean by it is also essential.

I’d like to think it’s a pretty simple concept and that means it needs the most explaining. Forgiveness lessons are never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever about forgiving another person. Never ever ever.

I can’t say that enough.

Forgiveness lessons are completely and totally about forgiving the Self for not seeing certain experiences through the Holy Spirit, through the perception of Love.

(Now, you might quarrel with my use of Holy Spirit.

To which I say, fuck the names.

You can call it whatever the fuck you want, I’m saying Holy Spirit. Sometimes I’ll say Universe. I’m also partial to God. And Jesus is The Man. That’s me.


Do you. Just don’t miss the fucking point over a stupid name.)

The Holy Spirit sees nothing but what’s Real and the only thing that’s REAL is Love. We, in this journey that we take in these bodies, forget that ALL. THE. TIME.

Hence, forgiveness lessons.

Forgiveness lessons can be anything and everything as it’s what YOUR little slice of God needs to heal in order to return Home.

(Home being with God. Like Jesus did. And others. I just say Jesus as he happens to be the most famous of the ones who returned Home.)

What can forgiveness lessons include? This list is NOT AT ALL ON ANY LEVEL all-encompassing.

1) Feeling like your parents always choose your sister/brother/the dog over you
2) Feeling like you can’t share with your parents your newfound beliefs or dreams or what the fuck ever
3) Constantly accussing your partner of fucking up
4) Believing your partner is really fucking up all the time no exceptions and yet you still stay and you certainly don’t communicate unless it includes something along the lines of “you’re such a fuck-up.”
5) Placing romantic relationships on a pedastol
6) And platonic relationships in the trash bin
7) Saying your religion is the only way to God
8) Hanging on to anger over your partner’s infidelity
9) Hanging on to your partner in anger over their infidelity
10) Serial monogomy
11) Being an asshole to someone who’s an asshole to you
12) Not speaking up when you disagree with someone
13) Being the good person in the following scenario: Evil wins when good people stand by and do nothing.
14) Being the evil in the above scenario
14b) Believing that only REALLY BAD THINGS are the evil and what you’re doing isn’t THAT bad.
15) Believing your beliefs are perfect and infallible
16) Dumping friends because they don’t support your new (or old) business endeavors in the way you want them to
17) The same relationship problems–friendships and otherwise–constantly recur and the same solutions constantly employed to no avail
18) Being anti-abortion
19) Following gurus advice against your own intuition
20) Your brother stealing your favorite Barbie and chopping off her hair

And more.

And all of these for different reasons. For different people. And different situations.

Or none of these and something else.

Forgiveness lessons are what we must each go through, every day (every hour or minute or second if that’s what’s needed) in order to shift our perception to Love, to the Holy Spirit, to get a little closer to home.

They also make us better human beings–as they bring our beautiful, loving soul more into the open–every time we learn a new one.



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