Sometimes, it can seem like resistance is winning. We keep putting off that thing we think we should do, the work we should do, the to-do list that is ever-growing.
And we think, the resistance and the fear is just too much. The Ego is winning.
The Ego never ever ever wins. Not once. Not really (though it does try to fool us into think it has won).
What spirit wants, spirit gets.
[Spirit being your Higher Self, God, the Universe, the Holy Spirit, whatever you want to call it.]
Yesterday, during a session with a soulmate client, she had a WHOA, HOLY SHIT breakthrough. A miracle occurred really.
I was doing pure coaching (as opposed to a mix of coaching, consulting, and intuitive guidance that I also do with clients), asking her questions to get to the root of what she has and hasn’t accomplished over the past year and WHY. The answers, of course, are always within. We were laying the foundation—clearing out the past year of “should have’s” and whatnot—to set her mission for 2016. These questions included things like:
– What’s too big for you to get and why?
– What do you think is too small and beneath you?
– What did you resent doing over the last year?
– What do you want to stop doing?
And then the question that put everything that was in the dark in the brightest of light:
If you were on the cover of [favorite magazine] what would you be featured for?
And she gave her answer and I could see her face as the miracle occurred, as she shifted from seeing her life through the eyes of ego to seeing her life through the eyes of spirit.
“More stuff is going to come out and I’m going to have to change my life to be doing these things and my ego is like, “no if we stay the way we are then everything will be what we can control” and if I change and go into doing what this is suggesting then everything is going to change dramatically. It’s like my soul is giving me less and less room to compromise and it’s like you just need to do this. I’ve got less freaking room! That change is just so freaking scary.”
And she started crying. Tears of happiness. Now that she can see why she had so much resistance over the past year.  And we will continue to explore this in our next session.  This was a fucking miracle and it needed room to breathe.  Just so we’re clear:  a miracle occurs when we stop seeing life through the ego and start seeing life through love.  Love for each other and love for ourselves.
This showed her very clearly that what the soul wants? The soul gets.
We each have a purpose to this journey our soul is on and no matter what, Spirit will get us to that purpose. The Ego never wins when we allow Spirit to show us where we are resisting. And if we don’t allow Spirit? Well…
Your Soul will give you less and less room until you have no choice but to go for your purpose.  Everything around you that is causing resistance will be removed, come hell or high water, by Spirit. It’s just all part of letting go of the Ego and knowing that Spirit is here to get us where we need to go. Spirit isn’t afraid of Ego. We may be afraid of Ego. This is why we must remember that Spirit is here to help us, even when Resistance is fighting tooth and nail to keep you listening to Ego.
Where is your soul giving you less and less room to compromise?
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